Projects on the Go

Isle Of Fire

 An Avalon Myst Novel

          Book Two

When Aurora finds herself thrust into another world by the blood of her forfathers, she is presented with the choice to try and find her way back home, or attempt to save the realm that is rightfully hers. Danger awaits her at every turn, but so is the magic imbedded upon every step of her journey.


The choice, is hers.


           Available 2018

Moonless Nights

Tales from the Undergrowth

              Book One

A collection of short stories to send a chill of dread down your spine. Melancholy and mind twisting, they bring you to a world many seek not to enter.







                  Available March 2018

Spirit & Destiny

Tales from the Undergrowth

                Book Two

Tales of Hope, Secrets, Love and loss. These short stories portray the adventurous lives of individuals marked with disgrace and overcoming all prejudices for those they love. Dispite all in their way, fate can not stop these heroes from walking their paths.





              Available Spring of 2018