Sheena Seib

Growing up in the Canadian Prairies, at a young age Sheena was drawn to the creative worlds residing in books. Often fabricating adventures and tall tales, she found herself writing and drawing whatever came to mind.


Beginning her first novel attempt in 2003, Sheena spent most of her spare time trying to perfect the art of storytelling through her novel Avalon Myst, to which the idea was scrapped only to be revisited years later as it's own Series. Putting together her first collection of three short stories, in 2007 titled Spirit and Destiny, Sheena continued to write down the worlds that expanded in her mind. Traveling to other countries in her youth gave her new and creative ideas to add into her stories while her experiences had taught her to never give up on her dreams.


She now resides at her family farm, growing produce for market and tending aSaskatoon Berry orchard.